Features and Highlights

  • Helps reduce the insurance premium for customers by applying telematics.
  • To identify “who” is driving the vehicle.
  • Helps the insurance company to calculate the driving scores of customers using acceleration, cornering, deceleration and track behavior.
  • To receive an alert in the case of unusual occurrences or an accident.
  • The insurance company can implement discount on premium based on the driver score.
  • To receive a “theft” alert.
  • To identify if the vehicle/asset is located or moving in an area of risk.
  • To report on the number of driving hours if excessive.
  • To determine the distance covered by the vehicle in a period of time: hours, season, year, etc.
  • In the case of contents insurance for a lorry, container, etc., to report events such as door opening, temperature, intrusion alert, etc.
  • To determine the driver’s profile and manner of driving.

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