Features and Highlights

  • Centralized Administration.
  • Greater operational control with effective notifications.
  • Facilitates global logistics as well as street-level routing optimization.
  • Access to Real Time Freight Data.
  • Improves ability to fully satisfy network demand with enhanced diagnostics to help quickly identify and resolve any network infeasibilities.
  • Generates Analysis reports based on freight data.
  • Delivers powerful analysis and performance monitoring.
  • Single inventory and transportation solution across all modes and geographies.
  • Provides real-time, centralized tracking of the entire inbound delivery process.
  • Ability to map your specific inventory and business process across your entire logistics network.
  • Captures requests for dynamic routing and shipment confirmation.
  • Visibility down to the item or unique serial number.
  • Automatically selects the most efficient combination of modes, carriers, shipment schedules and routes.
  • Integrated workflow to increase automation of business processes.
  • Consolidates shipments into cost-effective loads.
  • Integrated administrative controls to manage user information.
  • Evaluates load consolidation and opportunities for continuous moves.

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